Why Atlas Van Lines

Does it make sense to rely on professionals?

In thinking about home moving, you may ask yourself: Should I use a van line?

At Atlas, we believe an informed choice is your best choice. Here's what you should expect if you engage a van line when moving your home.

Experienced people

A van line brings experience. Although your move is unique, other movers have faced many of the same needs. A van line has dealt with almost every type of home-moving challenge imaginable. Van line experts know firsthand what you are going through and how to make the transition easier for you.

Work efficiency

A van line approaches moving a home with an attitude of efficiency. It must operate with minimal wasted time to be profitable. With years of doing this kind of work for many different families, professional van lines have refined a systematic approach. No one can more efficiently pack, load, transport, unpack and unload household goods.

Proper equipment

A van line is responsible for its own equipment and brings everything you will need for moving your home. This includes a safe, clean, well-maintained truck; dollies; lifts; cartons, padding, and wrapping; in fact, anything necessary to ensure safe packing, loading and transport.

Ethical reputation

Most major van lines are reputable. Unfortunately, some movers are less than reputable. How can you know the difference before you engage a company for home moving?

Of course, it's advisable to get references from people you know and trust. But that isn't always possible. So the industry has established a means for your assurance: ProMover. This designation attests officially to a van line's quality and ethical business practices.

The ProMover credential is administered by the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). This industry organization is dedicated to assuring the integrity of home-moving professionals and the well-being of their customers. Steer clear of any moving company that does not carry the ProMover designation.

What sets Atlas apart?

If you decide to engage a van line for moving your home, you have another decision to make: Which one?

  • ProMover designation - Atlas Van Lines is known for "integrity, quality, and solutions", and carries the industry's ProMover designation, a prerequisite for any reputable home-moving professional van line. Nearly 600 quality Atlas agencies across the U.S. and Canada perform above and beyond this standard.
  • Certified standards for quality - Our van lines operations are certified to ISO 9001-2008 standards for quality. This ensures consistent, cost-efficient service for you. We continuously inspect for quality, safety and customer satisfaction... and we reward the excellence of our Atlas agents.
  • Award winning commitment - Customers, too, recognize our quality commitment; professional buyers of van lines services have made us a winner of Logistics Magazine's coveted "Quest for Quality" Award.

These are a few of the reasons why you should choose Atlas when moving your home. Give us a chance and we will earn your trust. We invite you to compare moving companies and see why so many customers entrust Atlas for moving.

Atlas saves you the hassles of moving truck rentals.

If you are planning to move, you may have thought about moving truck rentals for moving or moving trailer rental. For the experienced individual, loading and navigating a rented truck is all in a day's work. But for those who have not done so before, it can be challenging. Moving truck rentals may come with more work and responsibility than you expect. Atlas offers an alternative with important differences.

Atlas is responsible for the moving equipment.

Atlas professional movers are sticklers when it comes to the quality and condition of equipment they use. For an Atlas van operator, the truck represents his livelihood. He cares for it the way a master craftsman safeguards his tools. He is committed to its proper maintenance, cleanliness, and safe operation.

When unforeseen events happen, Atlas responds with experience. Whether our van operator experiences a tire failure or other hazard, we handle things with minimal disruption to your schedule. And we make sure your goods are safe at all times.

Moving truck rentals make you responsible.

Most moving truck rental businesses warrant the equipment they provide is safe, clean, and properly maintained. But, as every vehicle owner knows, equipment can fail at any time. And, when different people use something day in and out, it stands to reason that abuse is more likely.

With a moving truck rental, what happens on the road is your responsibility. The further you have to drive, the bigger that responsibility can become.

Driving the truck is only part of the job.

With Atlas Van Lines, you get access to a team of professionals and all the services you may need when you move. This includes proper packing and loading of the truck to ensure the safe arrival of your goods. Atlas understands that securing the load is important to prevent shifting and damage to your things in transit.

Companies that provide moving truck rentals may or may not offer access to professional moving help. If they do, it may be through an agreement with a third party over which they have little control.

If you take on the task of packing and loading yourself, you may find it isn't as easy as it appears. Unless you have experience, such work can result in added time and worry, and expense if something goes awry.

Moving truck rentals versus Atlas Van Lines flexibility

If the idea of renting a moving van appeals to you for its potential savings, talk with an Atlas agent. He can suggest ways for you to save with moving companies without the hassles you may experience with a moving truck rental.

Thinking about Moving Yourself? Atlas may be a better idea.

As you prepare to relocate, you may wonder: Why not handle the move myself? It's a valid question. Not everybody who moves needs the services of Atlas.

By the same token, some learn too late that "doing it yourself" is not as easy or inexpensive as it's supposed to be.

If you are weighing whether to do it yourself or have Atlas handle your move, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Depending on your situation, moving can require heavy lifting of cumbersome items such as desks, dressers, pianos, etc.
  • It's important to prepare your residence for the safe removal of items to avoid marring floors, walls, and doorways.
  • There is an art to proper packing of household goods and preparing furnishings for safe transport.
  • Unless you've done it before, chances are you will find it challenging to securely load and pilot the truck (the size of which will depend on the size of your load).
  • Taking a load of household goods over the road takes experience and preparation. Who knows when the hazards of highway travel will require an emergency response by the driver.

These tasks are second nature to an Atlas team. They have performed them many times. Yes, you can do these things yourself. But why take the chance?

The question of cost: Can you save money?

Conventional wisdom states it is cheaper to "do it yourself" than to hire a professional. This can be true for many things, from mowing the lawn to painting the guest room. When it comes to moving, however, doing it yourself may cost you in the long run. Unexpected delays, aggravation, and even loss due to damage can take a toll.

At Atlas, we understand our customers' needs for moving on a budget. Your Atlas agent will work with you to help you get the best value for your moving dollar. He is experienced with all aspects of moving and will offer ideas and service choices to help you save

Atlas quality makes a difference.

Every Atlas move includes the service quality of an industry leader. Our operations conform to corporate quality standards to ensure consistency. We want to earn your business and we are satisfied with nothing less than your total satisfaction with our service. Ultimately, it is our goal for you to refer Atlas to your friends and family.

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