Military & GSA Moves

Military Moving & Government Moves

We bring secure, dependable relocation to the public sector.

When you are making a government move, especially with the armed forces, trust goes a long way. With Atlas, you get experience Uncle Sam has trusted since 1948. We're proud of our long tradition of service as a government move provider to our country. This includes work for the GSA (General Services Administration) and military personnel. Atlas also provides flexible options for government personnel who self-move. Atlas safely relocates over 130,000 military families each year.

Military Moving Service You Can Trust

Atlas maintains an active network of experts and equipment for military moving at home and overseas. With our top-tier partner providers, you have a world-class resource of international movers to meet logistical challenges anywhere. Plus, our van line operations are certified to ISO 9001 standards. This ensures the consistency you expect from a specialist in military moving.

Added Value for Military Moving

Count on these enhancements to make your government move a success:

  • Trailer Tracking. Our satellite tracking system provides a pinpoint guide on the location of every trailer carrying interstate shipments.
  • Shipment Tracking. You have online secure access to information about the whereabouts of your shipment 24/7.
  • Labor Certification. Background checks on new Atlas agency employees and Atlas van operators involved in the packing, loading, handling, and unloading of Atlas shipments at residence means added security for government and military families.
  • Proactive Safety Measures. Atlas adheres strictly to DOT regulations and conducts mandatory drug and alcohol screenings randomly to verify compliance.


GSA Office Relocation

 Building On a Legacy of Service

Federal Agencies Trust Us for Successful Relocation

At Atlas, we pride ourselves on keeping government families happy throughout relocation. We bring you an added assurance of excellence as an approved participant in the Centralized Household Goods Traffic Management Program (CHAMP) of the General Services Administration (GSA). We complete over 1600 moves annually for federal government employees and their loved ones, earning consistently high quality scores as a CHAMP provider.

As the second-largest household goods carrier in the U.S., we bring economies and cost-effective solutions to ensure best value for taxpayers. We answer with over 3300 professional van operators and an over-the-road fleet of more than 4300 moving trucks. And we provide door-to-door service around the globe through Atlas International.

Our corporate culture-centered on core values of integrity, quality and solutions-aligns with GSA's mission to provide expert technology and travel solutions.

Serving Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard Installations

As a military customer, you can count on Atlas for timely and efficient relocation solutions. We've been serving the U.S. armed forces since our start in 1948. We safely relocate over 13,000 military families annually.

As the second-largest household goods carrier in the U.S., we bring you extensive capabilities for interstate transit, with over 3300 professional van operators and an over-the-road fleet comprising more than 4300 trucks. As well, we provide door-to-door service around the globe to military personnel, spouses and families through Atlas International.

Proven expertise for DITY Moves

If you are with the U.S. military, you may choose a DITY move (or personally procured move) when you relocate. The military's Personally Procured Move program (PPM) replaces the old DITY (do-it-yourself) move system. The PPM is designed to improve the moving experience when you move your own household goods on military orders.

Atlas: experience you can trust in PPM.
With Atlas, you get proven expertise for the Personally Procured Move program. We've been a service provider to the military for over sixty years. We understand military moving operations, including the Defense Personal Property System for managing household shipments.

Among the areas of Atlas expertises for your personally procured move are:

  • Service Options. With Atlas, "you can do it, we can help, or we can do it all." Handle as much or as little of the packing and loading yourself. If you need, Atlas professionals can provide assistance to assure you of proper packing.
  • Valuation Coverage. The Personally Procured Move program makes you responsible for obtaining coverage for your belongings when you move. We can advise you of options to ensure you have the right protection in the event of loss or damage.
  • Storage. Atlas offers flexible storage options for DITY efficiency. Atlas warehouses from coast to coast offer yet more choices for secure storage as long as you may need.
  • Reimbursement. Atlas understands the requirements for your reimbursement or incentive when you maka personally procured move. We'll provide the necessary documents so you can properly submit your claim.    
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